GBot is a multipurpose bot for Discord featuring several commands, including image commands and games!


Here is a list of all of the commands that are accessible in the bot:
g!avatar - Gets a user's avatar. (Arguments: {User (mention)})
g!noise - Gives random noise. Defaults to 200x150 colored image. (Arguments: (Grayscale), (Width), (Height))
g!color - Gives an image representing the color inputted. (Arguments: {Hex code})
g!pixel - Requires an image. Lowers the resolution of an image and scales it back up (Arguments: [Scale X factor, Scale Y factor, Scaling algorithm (0 - Nearest, 1 - Bilinear)])
g!echo - Make the bot say anything! (Arguments: {Message})
g!caption - Requires an image. Adds a caption to any image (Arguments: {Caption})
g!info - Sends information about the bot
g!jpegify - Requires an image. Returns a low quality jpg of the image sent (Arguments: [Quality])
g!help - Shows a list of commands
g!lightdark - Requires two images. Mixes two images together to make one that changes with your theme! The first image will appear in the dark theme, and the second one will appear in the light theme!(Arguments: [Scaling algorithm])
g!ping - Gets your ping to the bot
g!invert - Requires an image. Inverts an image.
g!flip - Requires an image. Flips an image horizontally.
g!flipvert - Requires an image. Flips an image vertically.
g!duck - A Hello world Duck interpreter (Arguments: {Code})
g!wave - Requires an image. Makes an image wavy!
g!uncaption - Requires an image. Removes the caption from an image if it finds one.
g!tictactoe - Tic tac toe! (Arguments: {User (mention)})
g!grayscale - Requires an image. Grayscales an image.
g!endmatch - Ends a tic tac toe match
g!brainfrick - Runs brainf█:k code. (Arguments: {Code})


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Prefix g!, but can be set to a custom one with g!prefix.
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