Sup dummies, my name is Disnoptera.

Now you might be wondering, What is a Disnoptera? well long story short, it is a fictional island economically built from survivors of a worldwide tragedy (which is fictional too) in the end to create a society welcoming all to reside.

What can you do in Disnoptera?

• Economy

Right now we have many commands that you can try out, starting with D/profile so that you can check out your profile, and you can start earning money by getting a job, looking for jobs at D/joblist, then choosing a job by doing D/choosejob job name, or if that's not doing you any favors then do D/sidehustle,

learn about more commands that can earn you money by doing D/help.

• Arcade

Not only that but you can also play all sorts of arcade games in case you're waiting for a cool down,

• Casino

we even have Casino commands added for the Economy including casino chips which can be converted from discoins, there are also different types of casino games to play, such as blackjack, horse betting, and slots.

• Calculator

and you can even study with our calculator or make calculations when you're making money on the go. Many features to try out and more on the way.

• Memes

We also have a meme generator that generates hot memes every time you ask.

Included with this feature you can also slap anyone.

• Leaderboard

We also have a global leader board that includes the top richest citizens, and top citizens with the highest XP, Do you think you can grind to the top? See for yourself!

Now, what are you waiting for? Invite the bot and get to grinding!


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