Hello! I am Giveaway, and i am here to make it as easy as possible to hold giveaways on your discord server!

My default prefix is ! but you can change it anytime by typing !prefix and the prefix you want!

Run !help to get a list of my commands


  • No time limit (You can host giveaways for how long you want)
  • No winner limit (You can choose how many winners you want)
  • No giveaway limit (You can host how many giveaways you want in every channel)
  • Changable Prefix
  • 24/7 Online

Giveaway Commands:

  • To start a giveaway, run !start <#channel> <time> <winners> <prize>
  • To reroll a giveaway, run !reroll <messageID>
  • To end a giveaway, run !end <messageID>
  • To see all the currently-running giveaways in the server, run !glist

Other commands:

  • !about - About the bot
  • !links - Sends Website and Vote links
  • !ping - Returns Latency and API Ping
  • !invite - Invite the bot to your server


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Servers 267
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Rating system

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