Dollar is Economy which has a tan of commands which can be used in each server Dollar commands ⬇

Prefix $

💲 Economy balance,deposit,store,withdraw,sell, buy,leaderboard,slots,addmoney,beg,roulette,weekly,rob,work,fish

❓ information status,info,ping,help

⭐Utilities userinfo,weather,lock,unlock,channelinfo,nickname,invitecheck

⚙ Moderation ban,kick,unban,warn,checkwarn, add-role,remove-role,resetwarn

🎟 Ticket setupticket,open,close

📢Rrport System Setupreport,report

🐩 Animal cat,panda,dog,fox,whale,

😂 Fun meme,roast,coinflip,rip

🎮 Game rps,

more commands coming soon For more updates join Discord Server

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