Cat Peach Music

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Peach Music

Listen to the TOP hits of Nintendo Music with Peach Music.

Peach Music includes various built-in Nintendo music that can be played via Voice channels. The Bot has various Nintendo music from all sorts of Nintendo and Mario games. Remixes of Songs are also included.

Built into me, I also have several VC moderation commands that can help moderate your Voice Channels


  • p;help - Help message
  • p;ping - Checks the Latency of the Bot
  • p;info - Information about the bot
  • p;disconnect - disconnects me from the VC
  • To View all Soundboard commands. use p;songids
  • p;vcmute - Mutes everyone in your current VC
  • p;forcedisconnect - Mods can force disconnect the bot from the VC if needed (even if they are not in your VC)

Why Should I invite Peach Music to my Server?

Peach music has many features that you may love

  • 99% average uptime
  • Free VC Moderation tools


Are you looking for multiple nintendo music bots without having to spend money? No problem, we have multiple versions of Cat Peach Music which will allow you to have multiple music parties FOR FREE. The bots below function the same as the main bot. Just with different prefixes and can allow you to have multiple nintendo music parties

Invite Cat Rosalina Music (Prefix: r;)

Invite Cat Mario Music (Prefix: m;)


Is you have any feedback for the bot, use the p;feedback command followed by the message you wish to send. They will then be sent to the developers of the bot

So what are you waiting for? Invite Peach Music today


Need help? Something isnt working for you? Join our support server. The support team will be gladly to answer your questionsand help bring you the best experience when listening to Nintendo Music in VCs

If you like, you can try reading our docs.

Below is a tutorial video by the main developer themselves showing how to use the bot


This bot is not affilirated or created by Nintendo in any way. This is a fanmade bot.


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