Bot updates everyday. New commands are being added. RULE THE RING IN WWE SUPERCARD Hit the mat with 1000s of WWE Superstars and Legends in this action-packed card-battling game! Customize your own cards. Build your WWE dream team. Level up and earn rewards all year long. THE FUN REALLY IS NON-STOP There’s always something new to play in WWE SuperCard! Now you can access all game modes all the time, lStart competing with Discord players from around the world today.

+++++ COMMANDS+++++ ww!help - Get the help page. ww!claim - To claim the character. ww!stars - To view the characters you have in your inventory. ww!choose -arena-number - To choose the character to battle with. ww!duel @duel - Start a battle with your friend. ww!sell -arena-number - To sell a card and get money. ww!lb - Look at the global standings based on their balance. If you have any doubts feel free to join the support server #wwe.


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