Quick Tickets

Quick Tickets is a easy & simple to use discord ticket bot!

Wondering what a ticket bot is? well let me explain for you! A ticket bot is a bot which can create channels including the user and servers staff, the process can be started via reactions, a command, or something else, here we use select menus

Wanna know how it works and how to set it up? if so I will explain! Once invited, you can run the help command to get a list of commands, check this out. But to get the ticket system started, run qt!newmother this command will take you through a walkthrough of creating the mother panel! When done you will see a message sent in the channel you provided in the setup! Don't delete it, this is used to help start the ticket system, next. Add a panel via qt!newpanel select the mother panel you created earlier and follow the setup walkthrough. Once done go to the message from the bot before and select in the dropdown below the panel you made, this will create your ticket channel! Any user can do this my simply clicking the panel in the dropdown menu of the message! They will then have a channel created with them and provided staff roles!


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