Rincer Music is a High Quality Music Bot with many probabilities control volume, pause & resume the music and More! It is hosted 24/7 and always online by 99%

How to use Rincer?

You can use the command ?play and put your song Whether it was a Link with Spotify or Soundcloud or Youtube

  • You can also add another song to queue by the ?play command

Some Important Commands

  • ?play To play any song from Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud
  • ?skip To Skip a song
  • ?stop To Stop playing Music
  • ?queue To See the Music Queue
  • ?volume To Control the Music Volume, (Max 150%)
  • ?pause To Pause the current Playing Music
  • ?resume To Resume the Paused Music

Discover More when Inviting the Bot by ?help command!


  • How Many Rincer Bots Are There ?

There are 3 Public Rincer Bots to enjoy with it at moment, possibly there will be more including time, verification process and activity.

  • Is there going to be a Premium/Prime version ?

Yes! as well with another bots, when the Staff Team observes Activity there will be more bots!


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Rating system

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