The Detective

Solve cases, Play puzzles, Customize your profile, Tons of commands, 1 Discord Bot 🔍 About You play the role as a detective and need to solve cases that you are given. Earn in-game money and climb the ranks as a Detective! Do your best as you can get fired for failing them! Need a break from cases? Play puzzles and games with your friends! Ready to start your career as a detective? Invite me today!

🔍 Getting Started To start your career, use the command d!case. If it is your first time using the command, you will get more information about the bot and then be given a 2 question quiz. Good luck! One you are done taking the quiz, view your profile by doing d!profile! From there, view your cases solved, badges earned, and your rank!

🔍 Main Command Ussage d!case - Starts a case

d!profile - View your profile

d!leaderboard - View a list of leaderboards

d!help - View the full list of commands

🔍 Support To get help, join our Discord Support Server! If you have any bugs to report, please open a new issue.

🔍 Donate To Us You may donate to Pateron to get access to Pateron-only commands and roles! Unlock new features as well! Pateron Coming soon!

Commands & features include:

No cooldowns!

1.5x faster rankup!

More fun commands!

A better and more customizable profile!

🔍 Self Hosting Self hosting The Detective is not supported or recommended. We will not give instruction on how to setup or run this code. The code is here to show people how this bot works/functions.

🔍 Extra Information This bot is still in early development! Many things listed on this page are coming soon!


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