InviteManager Delta

InviteManager Delta

InviteManager Delta allows you to view and count user invitations, it also add auto-role, welcome messages and more, it's avaliable in English and French.

IMPORTANT: Due to the way Discord handles invites, it's not possible to tell who invited people who are already on your server. This only works for people who join AFTER adding InviteManager to your server.



im!info                Show info about a specific member.    
im!leaderboard         Show the leaderboard.    
im!lookupinvite        Lookup the invite link.    
im!serverinfo          Show info about the server.    


im!config              Config the bot.    
im!addbonus            Add bonus invites to member.    
im!delbonus            Substract bonus invites to member.    
im!creategoalchannel   Create the goal channel.    
im!creatememberchannel Create the member channel.    
im!resetmember         Reset invites of member.    
im!rename              Rename the bot.    
im!deleteinvite        Delete the invite.        
im!botInfo             Show info about the bot.    


im!members             Show member count of current server.    
im!pingapi             Show the latency of discord API.            
im!pingmessage         Show the latency of receving messages.        
im!feedback            Give feedback about the bot to the developers.    

Thanks for adding the bot!


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