There are times when everyone needs music to spice up your life. Listening to music refreshes your mood, makes you feel pleasent and also gives you a whole sort of new vibes. Many use music streaming apps to listen to music while using Discord, but the quality fades or you get connectivity issue. Well, it's time to forget all this, as you can now add Music to your Discord session. All you have to do is to add SYMPHONY bot to your server, and then get ready to listen Music using Discord. Symphony is an advance Music bot that gets a step ahead of its competition due to additional features, while also being highly customisable. Written in JavaScript and Discord.js, this bot promises to provide you the best sounding system which you will surely get addicted with and will comparatively improve your Discord session. The bot comes loaded with tons of commands and configurations to suite every needs.

The bot comes with default Play, Pause, and Loop functions, just like a normal Music player. But, to just improve it further, you can also use the pre-added Filters, which include 8D, BassBoost, etc. that can further improve your experience. With the ability to stream songs from Song name or YouTube link, you can just hit s!play command while being connected to a voice channel. Use the default s!help command to get started with all the features available in the bot.


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