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Help Menu


7!filter Set Audio - Effects

7!loop Toggle music loop

7!lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song

7!nowplaying Show current song

7!pause Pause the currently playing music

7!play Plays song from YouTube/Stream

7!queue Show the music queue and now playing.

7!radio Play a Radiostation

7!remove Remove song from the queue

7!resume Resume currently playing music

7!search Search and select videos to play

7!shuffle Shuffles the current Queue!

7!skip Skip the currently playing song

7!skipto Skip to the selected queue number

7!stop Stops the music

7!volume Change volume

7!botlist Gives you the botlists of the Bot

7!help Gives you a list of all help Commands

7!invite Gives you an invite

7!ping Gives you the ping of the Bot

7!prefix Sets a server specific Prefix

7!uptime Gives you the uptime of the Bot


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