What is ToD?

ToD stands for Truth or Dare. ToD is a multi-functional bot with different command categories other than truth or dare. ToD is made to help servers by providing fun truth or dare questions, the questions range from hilarious pre-programmed responses such as "Go outside and argue with a tree", to "Take a shot of mustard or ketchup.". If you would like to add more truth or dare responses of your own, click this google form link. If there are any bugs or errors please feel free to join the support server and report it.

How to use ToD

ToD is fairly easy to use, all you have to do is invite ToD to your server with the correct permissions, there is no setup needed at all! On ToD's invite link there is permissions=8 (administrator) but you can just disable that, ToD has utility commands that include permissions people forget to give, so that's just there, disable it if you'd like.


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