DEEJAY - Music Like Never Before

Supported Streaming Platforms

YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vimeo, Deezer, Tidal, Reverbnation, Facebook, discord attachment links also & 700+ more sites links supported

Button Controls

1)⏭️ Skip to the next song.

2)⏮️ Back to the previous song.

3)⏯️ Pause/Resume the music.

4)🔉 Volume down 10 %

5)🔊 Volume up 10 %

6)⏪ Rewind 10 Seconds.

7)⏩ Forward 10 Seconds.

8)🔁 Switch between the loop modes.(song, queue, off).

9)↩️ Restart the song.

10)🎶 On/Off autoplay.

11)🔀 Shuffle the queue.

12)⏹ Stop & leave the voice channel.

Music Commands

addrelated: Add a related song of the playing song to the queue.

autoplay: Toogles to autoplay recommend songs after queue end.

back: Backs to the previous song

back <amount> Backs that amount of songs.

clearqueue: Clears the current queue.

filter toogle <filterName>: Toogles a audio filter.

filter reset: Removes/ reset all applied audio filters.

filter show: Shows all audio filters.

forward [mm:ss]: Seeks forward in the current song.

jump <index>: Jump to a specific track in the queue.

loop mode: Shows current set loop mode.

loop queue: Loop the queue.

loop track: Repeat the currently playing song.

loop off: Turn looping off.

lyrics [song name]: Get lyrics for a song.

move top <index>: Move the selected song to the top in the queue.

move last: Move the last track in the queue to the top.

move track <from> <to>: Move the selected song to the provided position in the queue.

move range <start> <end> <position>: Move a range of songs to the provided position in the queue.

nowplaying: Shows the currently playing song.

npchannel [#channel]: Change the playing song announce channel.

pause: Pauses the music playback.

play <song url/name>: Play a song or playlist from url or name

play <song url/name> --next: Enqueue the provided song next(top) in the queue.

play <song url/name> --skip: Skips the current and plays the provided song instantly.

queue: Shows the queue.

queue <page>: Show a specific page of the queue.

remove track <index>: Removes that specific track from the queue.

remove range <start> <end>: Removes a range of tracks from the queue.

remove doubles: Remove duplicate songs from the queue.

replay: Replays the currently playing song from beginning

resume: Resumes the paused music.

rewind [mm:ss]: Seeks backward/rewinds in the current song.

search <song name> [type]: Search by a song name and choose to play

seek <mm:ss>: Seeks to a specific position in the current song.

shuffle mix: Mix shuffles the queue

shuffle reverse: Reverse suffles the queue.

shuffle fair: Shuffles fairly between users.

shuffle range <start> [end]: Shuffles a range of tracks in the queue

skip: Skips the current song

skip <amount>: Skips that amount of songs.

songinfo <index>: Shows information of a specific song.

speed <1x-4x>: Sets the music playback speed.

stop: Stops the playback and leave.

swap <track1> <track2>: Swap position between two songs in the queue

trending [country_code]: Search trending music on YouTube, then choose to play

volume: Check the current playback volume.

volume <1-200>: Change the playback volume.

voteskip: Let’s you vote for skipping the current track.

Audio Filters

bassboost <level>: Sets the bassboost filter

nightcore : Apply the nightcore filter.

pitch <level>: Sets the pitch level

Others Filters

3d, bassboost, chorus, earwax, echo, flanger, gate, haas, karaoke, mcompand, nightcore, normalizer, phaser, pitch, pulsator, reverse, subboost, surround, treble, tremolo, vaporwave, vibrato

Utility Commands

botinfo: Shows info about the bot

faq: Some frequently asked questions about Deejay and their answers

help: Shows the help commands menu

help <command>: Shows detailed info about that command

invite: Get the bot’s invite link

ping: show the bot response speed

privacy: Deejay privacy policy

support: Get the discord support server link

tos: Deejay’s terms of service

uptime: Returns the uptime of the bot

Activity Channels

betrayal [#channel]: Make a game voice channel.

chess [#channel]: Make a game voice channel.

fishington [#channel]: Make a voice channel.

pokernight [#channel]: Make a pokernight game voice channel.

lettertile [#channel]: Make a lettertile game voice channel.

wordsnack [#channel]: Make a wordsnack game voice channel.

doodlecrew [#channel]: Make a doodlecrew game voice channel.

youtube [#channel]: Starts a youtube watch together voice session.

Admin Commands (Server Settings)

User needs Administrator permission to use this command.

ban <@role>: Blacklist a role from using this bot.

disable <command>: Disable a command on this guild.

enable <command>: Enable a disabled command on this guild.

prefix: Shows the guild prefix.

prefix reset: Reset the guild prefix to >

prefix <new_prefix>: Change the bot prefix for your server.

unban <@role>: Unblacklist a role and allow to use this bot

limit song set <amount>: Set a song limit per user for non DJs.

limit song reset: Reset the song limit per user for non DJs.

limit song show: Show current set song limit.

limit time set <mm:ss>: Set a time limit per song for non DJs.

limit time reset: Reset the time limit per song for non DJs.

limit song show: Show current set time limit.

dj roles add <@role>: Add a role to dj-roles.

dj roles remove <@role>: Remove a role from dj-roles.

dj roles show: Show all set dj roles.

dj commands add <command>: Add a command to dj-commands.

dj comnands remove <command>: Remove a command from dj-commands.

dj commands show: Show all set dj commands.

favourites add: Add the current song to your favourite songs list.

favourites add <index>: Add that indexed song to your favourite songs list.

favourites remove <song_id>: Remove a song from your favourites.

favourites show: Show all your favourite songs.


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