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Coded by Carpal#1211

Small Description:

kigles is a bot that’s focused on Economy and Fun with a few utility commands.
It has an easy to use interface so all users feel included when using the bot.
It has many commands for people to use that has to do with Economy and Fun.

ommands can allow you to make certain images with custom text, Hug other users, Pay them or Open crates to get unique rewards.


Support commands:

Name Command Description
Help !help Get information about the general commands of the bot.
Help Economy !h-Economy Get information about the economy commands.
Help Fun !h-Fun Get information about the fun commands.
Help Utility !h-Utility Get information about the utility commands.
Support !support Get an invite to the support server.

Economy Commands:

Name Command Description
Balance !bal See how much money you have.
Buy !buy Buy an item from the shop.
Catches !catches Displays what you can sell/caught when hunting.
Daily !daily Gives you money every day.
Dep !dep Deposite money from your wallet to your bank.
Fish !fish Go fishing.
Heist !heist Rob a bank for some money.
Hunt !hunt Hunts for Rabbit, Lion, Tiger, Deer, Bear, Skunk or Fox.
Monthly !monthly Gives You Some Things Every Month.
Pay !pay Pay someone.
Search !search Allows you to search for coins.
Weekly !weekly Gives you money every week.
With !with Withdraw money from your bank to your wallet.
Work !work Work for some money.
❌ Note: Money, items and catches will not transfer between servers!

Fun Commands:

Name Command Description
8Ball !8ball Ask the ball a question and it shall answer!
Pp Size !ppsize Let the Bot measure your pp and publicly shame you.
Say !say Make the bot say something of your choice!
Sus Scan !suscan Scan how sus you or another person is.
Emoji Stealer !emojisteal Steal emojis from other servers and add them to your own, works for animated nitro ones!
Trump Tweet !trump Make Trump Tweet something on Twitter.
Emoji Say !emojisay Makes an Emoji Say something.
Hug !hug Hug another Person!

Utility Commands:

Name Command Description
Server Info !serinf Get the server information, Roles, commands, channels etc.
Uptime !uptime Get the uptime of Kigles.
Ping !ping Get the ping of the bot in mill secs.
Status !status Has ping abd uptine into one command.
Changes !changes Shows the change log and version of the bot.
Credit !credit Shows credit.
Suggest !suggest/bug Will report the bug or suggestiin you have to our server.
Support !support Redirects you to the support server.
Help !help Dms you a list of our commands.


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